LESS THAN USD 2.00/- per month — HOSTING — 3 YEARS FOR LESS THAN USD 69.00/-

When starting off in your work online business, it is essential to control and save costs by spending minimal on recurring costs smartly upgrading WHEN needed and IF needed.

Common Sense Web Portfolio & Business Landing page. Recommended best/cheapest — SSD hosting — K is enough for most businesses and portfolio/landing pages and lightweight eCommerce. https://bit.ly/smyhost

Creating your own landing page and portfolio is amazing.

Tell me MORE…

However, please don’t go for any 1 year free domains — unless you won’t be using this domain after the trial and error e.g. mywebsite.<freeblogsite>.com

The simple reason being the below comparison:

A Monthly $4/…

Do you sound professional in your Online Meetings?

Make it happen with Krisp.

Image credits: https://krisp.ai/

Not the first time I was pushed notifications and free stuff and later asked to subscribe.

Surprisingly, I believe this was the most pleasant experience.

I recently used Krisp. I found it to be an amazing application.

Sadly enough, I had to move to a new location. This is like city-center types that my previous near closed compound living. It makes things much more accessible and I need to drive less by almost 50% for anything.

However, I am in Cairo, Egypt and City Center means

  1. Incessant Honking from a variety of vehicles types.
  2. People talking loudly on the phones as the other person is miles away & can’t get…

Shabbir Yamani

I am Shabbir. Inspected 10+ years in Software. Started with Agile Product Management. Enthusiastic about getting my tile on the walk-of-fame in Germany.

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