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Do you sound professional in your Online Meetings?

Shabbir Yamani
3 min readMar 7, 2021

Make it happen with Krisp.
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Not the first time I was pushed notifications and free stuff and later asked to subscribe.

Surprisingly, I believe this was the most pleasant experience.

I recently used Krisp. I found it to be an amazing application.

Sadly enough, I had to move to a new location. This is like city-center types that my previous near closed compound living. It makes things much more accessible and I need to drive less by almost 50% for anything.

However, I am in Cairo, Egypt and City Center means

  1. Incessant Honking from a variety of vehicles types.
  2. People talking loudly on the phones as the other person is miles away & can’t get you unless you scream.
  3. Loud speakers pushing any amount of products.
  4. At least 4–6 mosques within walking and audible range inviting people to prayers 5 times a day.
  5. Incoherent Music, Songs, Recitations playing all around at an insanely high volume.

Yes, exactly Krisp filtered out SPEAKER noise from the other side.

  1. Reduces Microphone & Speaker clutter like a charm.
  2. Imagine having to listen to the other side whacking away at the keyboard.
  3. Old super heated PC/Laptop fan whizzing.
  4. That irritating vehicle that doesn't show the ethics to use the HORN as a request.
  5. Even makes the voice sound less wheezy ;) COVID distancing cant be too cautious you know.

I find it ideal for online sessions, Zoom meetings & the paid plan is not really pricy either… Not that I don't want you to accept the free month and give me one too… :D


The First most important point when considering subscription to any product.

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The Second and not so critical point is the pricing, however, if you love the product that offers great service for the cost of 1 less Starbucks a month is truly worth it…
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For me Krisp is critical due to the time I have been spending online:

  1. At least 4 hours a day attending webinars, workshops, networking meets.
  2. 4–6 hours on call with a coding partner.
  3. 2 hours per day on average tutoring for English & Programming students.

It helps maintain professional conversation and gives me privacy from home and environmental sounds. You heard it right, no more screaming at everyone requesting them to STFU.

Use this link and we both get a month or so free… : LINK

Oh and even if you don't spend a an insane amount of time on calls. You can get 120 minutes for a single user plan: free free free…

Note: Article has been added voluntarily to recommend the product. I am not being compensated by the company f or the post and the contents are purely my personal experience. In case you do signup using my referral link, we both stand to gain said months of free usage of an amazing product.

Tell me MORE…

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